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JoomlaLMS Learning Management System provides for a means for efficient collaboration as between the stakeholders of your organization. From your administration, to your teachers, down to your students; you get to enjoy a centralized system for communication and information dissemination.

We are official JoomlaLMS developer and distributor in Malaysia and Singapore offering setup, installation, implementation, and configuration of your JoomlaLMS Learning Management System. We offer both Docebo and Joomla LMS for learning organizations, big and small.

Without a doubt, the implementation of Learning Management System to your e-learning environment is a must. While there are a number of options in terms of this need, pairing with an equally efficient developer for your Docebo or JoomlaLMS requirement is also one thing you should consider.

Included in our LMs implementation services is the support and customization of your Joomla System. We understand that our clients have specific needs and requirements in their LMS; thus, calling for its customization and configuration services-- and this is exactly what we provide our clients with. We provide the customization of the every detail in your LMS. Our custom development service is here to build a holistic e-Learning solution for you, along with taking care of your site after its implementation.

Your decision to outsource our Learning Management System installation and customization services, you get to save time and effort on the setup and configuration of your LMS. We are aware of the intricacies of running a learning organization; thus, our aim is to make things way easier for our clients offering academic services. Our pool of developers have the necessary skills and experience to get the job done-- and that is, delivering a functional, customized, and efficient LMS for our clients.

We are also an official development and distributor to the system. In choosing to go for our services, you are guaranteed to enjoy the privileges of having your Learning Management System straight from the official sources. With this, you also get to enjoy better and more competitive rates to your Docebo and Joomla LMS needs. Our professional developers also know everything there is to know about the LMS that we offer our clients with. They are able to tailor your LMS in accordance with the needs of your organization.


There are plenty reasons why!!

We are official developer and distributor of both Doceba and JoomlaLMS Learning Management system. We have the necessary resources, tools, and equipment to make sure that these blended learning implements are properly installed and facilitated in your learning organization.


Localized customer support.


Upload any kind of document in a click.


Monitor, track and report workforce training activity


Integrated with videoconference, HR, CMS, ERP & CRM tools


Extensive library of manual and video resources


You can install languages and extend the website's languages.


Layout, feature and software customizations available

JoomlaLMS LMS platform

A robust component that add learning/training capability to your Joomla CMS.

We take pride with the excellent and efficient after-sales services we provide our clients with. We understand that even after the implementation of their LMS, they may requiresupport and assistance every now and then-- and at this, we deliver. We give on-time and on-site support for clients, as much as we have dedicated local representatives ready to assist clients in the operation and administration of their LMS.

Let us help you with your Learning Management System needs. Complete your E Learning Portal with the implementation of a customized LMS. Whether you opt to go for Docebo or Joomla LMS, we are your developer and distributor of choice, ready to implement, customize, and assist you with your LMS needs.